Bruce R. Matson, Author

Guest Speaker and Defender of Creationism over Evolution


Definition - Why the title? From "Goo" to "God"

If you believe in evolution, then life originated from spontaneous generation in the "goo" of the oceans. Hence, from Godless Ocean Origins. If you believe in a Creator, then we were created in the image of "God" by a Grace Ordained Designer. If you believe we came from the "goo", then my challenge to you is to be open-minded enough to look at the science-based facts in my book. If you do, I am convinced you'll be led from "goo" to "God!"


First, I hope to give fellow believers in Christ tools, in the form of scientifically proven facts about the natural world, to support their belief in a Creator and His creation. Then, armed with these tools, I want these believers to confidently defend and share their faith with non-believers. My greatest hope and mission is to strengthen current believers, encourage evangelism, and to bring as many non-believers to Christ as possible!


I dedicated this book to my father and mother, Roger and Marilyn. They always supported and encouraged me through the many ups and downs of my life. When times were tough, I always knew my loving parents would be there for me and love me unconditionally. My parents always taught me to treat people with dignity and respect and to honor our good name and faith. I love them very much, and therefore, dedicated this book in their honor!

Rave Reviews

Professional Review
Jun 29, 2023
Abagail Costa

Mind blowing argument and case presented by Matson. It is sure to convert quite a few evolutionists out there.

Apr 7, 2023
George Curry

Brilliant piece of writing. I found this book to be refreshing and real. No nonsense, just facts that lead you to believe in your Creator.

Apr 7, 2023